The Year 2080

$13,950 TWD

此為預購商品,需等候 10-14 個工作天安排出貨

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”― Eleanor Roosevelt

For the Futuristic Flashback collection, the Stella Valle sisters found inspiration in their mindset- a little bit of reflection on the past and a lot of focus on the future.  Lightening fast memories of the past remind the sisters that fateful decisions and circumstances led them right where they were meant to be.  Those flashbacks are met with more in depth streams of consciousness on the sisters’ hopes for the forthcoming years.  The sisters muse on the collection:

Our family has always been future focused.  The good ‘ole days have come and gone, and the mistakes of the past are now lessons that we carry into the future.  However, most of our conversation is around how we can make our lives, our future childrens’ lives, and the world better in the future.  Right or wrong, we are dreamers—dreaming of the idealistic world we might one day live in.

The backward looking forward thinking collection is designed with mirrors and reflective crystals cleverly placed on sculptural futuristic shaped metal pieces.  The mirrors not only represent reflection of the past but also provide practical purpose — who doesn’t need to mirror to discretely put on lipstick after dinner on the town…Just tell your friends you are admiring your Stella Valle piece! 


Gold or rhodium plated

20" Lariat necklace with mirror detail and 17" drops with cubes

Engraved with Stella Valle logo

Made in USA