PARROT Flower Power Plant Sensor

$2,650 TWD

  • Overview

    Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that when “planted” close to a plant in a pot or in open ground provides real-time measurements of the factors essential for healthy growth and then sends updates to the free app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. By keeping an eye on soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature, and light intensity, you can provide just the right care to help your plants thrive.

  • Highlights

    • Continuously monitors the health of your plants
    • Easy to use
    • Notifications of your plant's condition via app on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
    • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
    • To-do list helps you keep your plants well maintained
  • Did you notice?

    Measures soil moisture, fertilizer level, ambient temperature, and light intensity.
  • What's in the Box?

    • Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor
  • Tech Specs

    • Height: 11 in./28 cm
    • Width: 3.58 in./9.1 cm
    • Weight: 340 g
    • Length: 3.58 in./9.1 cm


    Parrot Flower Power 一個感應器,當“種植”植物或花朵時,提供健康成長等重要的因素進行測量,然後發送更新到免費應用程序(您的iPhoneiPad或iPod觸摸)。通過密切土壤水分分析,肥料環境溫度和光照強度,可以提供恰到好處的關心,幫助你的植物茁壯成長


    •         持續監控你的植物健康
    •         使用方便
    •         通過應用程序,通知你植物的最新情況iPad,iPhone或iPod touch
    •         藍牙無線連接
    •         待辦事項清單可以幫助你保持你的植物保養良好

        包裝內容Parrot Flower Power
        技術規格 :

    •         高度:11厘米in./28
    •         寬度:3.58 in./9.1厘米
    •         重量:340克
    •         長度:3.58 in./9.1厘米