Munchkin 3 Count Stay Put Suction Bowl

$890 TWD

From the Manufacturer

Strong suction base bowls that keep your child’s food in place – because teaching your child to eat on his own can be a messy process. It’s the little things

Product Description

If you've had it with flying, tipped over bowls, we have good news. Our trio of BPA free infant and toddler bowls has an integrated, permanently attached suction base that grips a surface and won't let go without your help. One bowl has a matching stay tight lid so you can store leftovers. This pack has three convenient sizes for infant and toddler feeding and are the ideal size, shape and design for toddlers learning to self-feed. Suction attaches to most surfaces and is difficult for a young toddler to spill, but easy for mom to remove. Great for little one’s 6+ months. The three bowls measure: 4 1/2"L (with handles) x 3 1/2"W x 2"H (holds 3/4 cups) 5 1/2"L (with handles) x 4 1/4"W x 2 1/4"H (holds 1 1/4 cups) 6 1/4"L (with handles x 4 1/2"W x 2 1/2"H (holds 1 3/4 cups).

  • Permanently attached suction bases help prevent spills
  • Includes 3 bowls and 1 snap tight lid
  • Suction base prevents spills
  • Quick release tab on each suction base allows for easy removal by adult
  • Top rack dishwasher safe



此款不含化學物質BPA的嬰幼兒碗,三個尺寸可收納結合在一起,分便攜帶,每款都俱有永效性的吸附力,可以牢牢地吸附在桌子或嬰兒餐桌。附有蓋子,不管是將做好的嬰兒食品或是剩餘的飯菜,都可以儲存不用怕洩漏。此產品一組擁有三種尺寸,特別為嬰幼兒隨著年齡快速增長而特別貼心設計,三種尺寸以準備您家小寶貝需要的食量,不管是形狀和設計都是特別針對寶寶設計,非常安全。此吸附力設計讓您家活潑好動的小寶貝無法輕易移動,但媽媽們可以容易地放置及拿起。可適用於6個月以上小寶貝。分別尺寸: 4.5“長 (包含手柄)× 3.5”寬 x 2 “高 (可容3/4杯),5.5”長 (包含手柄)× 4.25 “寬 × 2.25 “高 (可容1.25杯), 6.25”長(包含手柄)×4.5“寬 x 2.5”高(可容1.75杯)。

  • 永久的吸附力有助於防止洩漏
  • 產品內容包含3個不同尺寸的碗和1個密封蓋子
  • 可防止食物打翻
  • 每個吸盤碗附有快速釋放其吸附力的設計,成人可以容易地拿起或移動
  • 可放置洗碗機清洗