Motorola Moto 360 (Android 系統) 智慧手錶


Quality craftsmanship

Finely crafted with stainless-steel, genuine leather from Horween and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass.

Responds to your voice

Just speak to get the info you need using the dual microphones.

Doubles as an activity tracker

Track your steps and heart rate with a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor.

Works with your Android phone

Pair with most smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology

Pairs with your smartphone through the latest Bluetooth technology.


Include a pedometer, an ambient light sensor and an optical heart rate monitor (PPG) for versatile use.

Mobile notifications

Let you view alerts from your device simply by looking at your wrist. A vibration option provides discreet alerts.

Built-in microphone

Allows clear hands-free communication.

1.56" LCD touch screen

With Corning Gorilla Glass 3 construction, 320 x 290 resolution and 205 ppi makes navigation simple and clearly presents visuals.

Water resistant

Moto 360 withstands both water and dust, so you don't have to worry about a splash at the pool or a little sand at the beach*. IP67 Certified.

Stainless-steel case

With a plastic case back and a leather watch band creates a stylish, yet durable, design.

All-day battery

Go all day and recharge on a dock at night**.

4GB internal storage and 512MB RAM

Help ensure fast, efficient performance.

*IP67 dust and water resistant; not waterproof. Not for use while swimming, diving or engaging in other underwater activities. Avoid prolonged exposure to water, and/or exposure of leather band to water.

**All battery life claims are approximate and based on an average user profile that includes both usage and standby. Battery performance depends on network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected and usage patterns.


摩托羅拉推出首款 MOTO Moto 360 智慧手錶,外觀使用不鏽鋼材質打造,搭配 1.56 吋圓形螢幕,320 x 290pixels 解析度螢幕,像素解密度可達 205ppi。此外,錶身重量僅 49g,非常輕巧好攜帶。另外,MOTO Moto 360 智慧手錶錶盤也採用了觸控設計,並提供黑、灰兩色金屬,以及皮革款錶帶,讓使用者兼具手錶的外觀與功能性。

Android Wear 作業系統
MOTO Moto 360 智慧手錶採用 Google 全新 Android Wear 作業系統,能顯示天氣、航班與地圖等實用資訊,並可支援「OK Google」語音功能,同時能讓螢幕持續顯示、不進入待機畫面。可與 Android 4.3 以上作業系統的行動裝置連線,獲得各種相容程式的通知,並在錶上即時回應。而其電池容量為 320 毫安培,正常狀況下可使用 24 小時。

MOTO Moto 360 智慧手錶搭載德州儀器 TI OMAP 3 處理器,內建計步器、心跳頻率追蹤器、手腕晃動啟動功能等。與其他智慧手錶不同的是,MOTO Moto 360 智慧手錶更具備無線充電功能(另購),還可在水下 3 英尺停留 30 分鐘不損壞。

MOTO Moto 360 智慧手錶功能特色
◎ 可在水下 3 英尺停留 30 分
◎ 1.56 吋 LCD 圓形螢幕,320 x 290pixels 解析度螢幕
◎ 採用 Android Wear 作業系統
◎ 內建德州儀器 TI OMAP 3 處理器
◎ 兼容 Android 4.3 以上作業系統
◎ 內建計步器、心跳頻率追蹤器、手腕晃動啟動