Madame Alexander - Fancy Nancy Doll and House Tote Set

$2,250 TWD

Everyone's favorite fancy girl is dressed as a frilly ballerina, complete with tutu and toe shoes, and is ready to play, along with her dog Frenchy, in this charming zip-up house tote.

  • 9" doll with tiara, tutu, leg warmers and point shoes
  • Plush Frenchy the Posh Puppy with tiara and collar
  • Felt tote with shoulder strap unzips to create a fun playhouse for Nancy
  • Tote measures 10"W X 10½"H X 6½"D
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • Imported

大家最喜歡的小女孩 Nancy,打扮成芭蕾舞演員,完整的蓬蓬裙和芭蕾舞鞋,準備來玩吧,跟她可愛的法國鬥牛犬一起,通通都在這個迷人可愛拉鍊式的房子手提包裡噢。

  • 9“ 大的娃娃,蓬蓬裙,襪套和圓點點鞋子 
  • 絨毛小狗與頭飾和領口設計
  • 毛氈設計袋,內部肩背帶,可以創建成一個有趣的劇場給Nancy玩耍 
  • 手提包尺寸:10“寬 x 10½” 高 x 6½“長 
  • 建議適用於3歲及以上年齡 
  • 進口