MacKenzie-Childs - Lamb Toddler Dinnerware Four-Piece Set

$2,040 TWD

Choose a dinnerware set that's sweet enough for your little one yet stylish enough to complement your kitchen - this artfully painted grouping of a plate, bowl, cup and utensils is the most special selection you can make.

  • Hand-painted animal pattern
  • Compartment plate: 8.5"diameter
  • Bowl: 6.5"diameter
  • Cup: 3" diameter
  • Spoon and fork: both 5.5" long
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Imported

Pieces will vary due to the hand-made nature of each product.

選一套餐具展現小寶貝時髦可愛的品味,也增添廚房開心的氛圍 - 餐具組包含一個盤子組,碗,杯子。

  • 手繪動物圖案 
  • 分隔餐盤:直徑8.5”
  • 碗:直徑6.5“
  • 杯子:直徑3”
  • 湯匙和叉子:5.5“ 長 
  • 可放置洗碗機清洗 
  • 進口