$3,900 TWD

※ 此商品由美國原廠寄出,約需等候 10-14 個工作天

We listened to you and brought back a fresh new version of our beloved chain suspenders. Super cool unzipped chain look, with waistline clasps. LITTER suspenders are a little different in the fact that they only hook in the front and go around the neck like a necklace. These bad boys can be adjusted at the neck to fit whatever bottom you like from a skirt, to cut offs, or a high wasted pant. Made from curbed steel chain. One size. Handmade in USA. These are show stoppers!

我們聽到你的渴望,將我們最經典可愛的鏈背帶以前所未有的設計,全新呈獻給妳。超 Cool 拉鏈設計,隨著腰圍輕輕扣上即可。LITTER 吊帶有一點不同的是,他們只鉤在腰際前面,吊帶像項鍊般掛在脖子上即可。此款設計可調整大小,且適用任何裙子,褲裝或是高腰褲等,快跟你最喜歡的裙子作搭配吧,超級正點。鋼鏈。一個尺寸。手工製作來自美國。