Lights At Night - Earrings

$4,650 TWD

此為預購商品,需等候 10-14 個工作天安排出貨

Celebrate Seaside

Ashley and Paige looked to the vibrant memories of their childhood summer nights spent walking the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ for the inspiration of the Celebrate Seaside collection. The sisters’ desire to relive the lighthearted, fantasy-filled time led to the creation of daring designs.

The collection’s palette of bright hues in lemon and pacific opal, representing the intense colors of the boardwalk are balanced by subdued but iridescent shades of whites and pinks, capturing the sand and shells of the beach. The shiny bars are mixed with delicate tear drop and vintage Swarovski crystals taking cues from the scaffolding, cables, and lights on the games and the rides that permeate the wooden walk.

Sadly and ironically, Hurricane Sandy devastated most of the Seaside Heights boardwalk and Paige’s home - just miles from the boardwalk - a couple of months prior to the launch of the collection. Unexpectedly, the collection is now dedicated to the victims of the storm. Paige and Ashley are positive that the upbeat, festive designs will inspire the community to restore the boardwalk to the fun-loving character it once portrayed.

The natural catastrophe has simply impassioned the girls to help rebuild the boardwalk. Paige and Ashley chose their most prominent piece, the Ferris Wheel Flight Bangle, to donate a 10% portion of its proceeds to the Omaze Restore the Shore Charity.


Available in gold and silver 

(2.5” long)


Made in USA | Swarovski Crystals | 18K Gold Plated | Rhodium Plated