La Mer - The Eye Balm Intense/0.5 oz. 抗老眼霜


This groundbreaking treatment is the latest secret to ageless eyes. The new Marine De-Puff Ferment™, The Lifting Ferment™, and a potent concentration of The Miracle Broth™, -- the seaborne elixir known for its healing energies -- penetrate deep within the skin's surface for a remarkable change, while the unique balm texture offers the utmost in comfort.
In a short while, the look of puffiness, lines and wrinkles is diminished as clarity is revealed. La Mer's proprietary silver-tipped applicator cools skin on contact to help stimulate micro-circulation. Strengthened against future damage, the eye area emerges visibly transformed -- infused with a look of vibrancy, life and youth. 0.5 oz. 

突破性最新的抗老研發讓您擁有永恆美麗的眼睛。最新款Marine De-Puff Ferment™ 和 The Lifting Ferment™,搭配濃縮的 The Miracle Broth™,像海靈藥般有自能修復癒合的能量 - 深層滲透皮膚內且俱顯著的變化,附有一支舒適的小型按摩眼部塗抹棒。
短期內明顯改善浮腫,細紋和皺紋,膚質清晰透光。La Mer 獨有的塗抹棒頭設計,使用時有效降低肌膚溫度,促進循環,預防未來膚質損害,使眼部周圍皺紋出現明顯改善 。此款為您注入了活力,生命和青春。 0.5盎司