Kilian - Floral Harmony Discovery Set

$4,050 TWD

With this very unique collection, Kilian brings color and sparkle to his fragrances inspired by Shanghai in the 1920's. Kllian has created a new "mini-discovery" set, composed of a silver travel spray and three 0.25 oz. Vials in its olfactive harmony. A Floral Harmony containing LIAISONS DANGEREUSES, typical me;. PRELUDE TO LOVE, invitation and GOOD GIRL GONE BAD Made in France. 

This is a very unique perfume collections, Kilian colorful and dazzling fragrance, inspired by the 1920 Shanghai. Kllian therefore designed a "mini-discovery" group, a bottle of silver portable spray bottle, and three .25 ounces perfume bottles combination.
The vial of perfume include: LIAISONS Dangereuses, Typical Me; PRELUDE TO LOVE, Invitation and GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. Made in France.