Infomotion 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

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Product Information

  • Overview

    The Infomotion 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and 94Fifty app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch measures muscle activity, so you can understand your playing strengths and weaknesses. It adapts as you improve, while providing basic, intermediate, and advanced level training to help you quickly build better shooting and ball handling skills. It's like having the best coaches in the world with you every day of the year.

    Regulation ball with free downloadable app

    The sophisticated sensor technology is miniaturized and completely concealed within the basketball, which maintains regulation size, weight, spin, and bounce. A free downloadable app lets you choose from hundreds of different options to improve skills

    Instant feedback

    Visual and audio voice feedback comes within milliseconds on every shot and dribble. By paying attention to this instantaneous, completely unbiased data, you can quickly learn how to adjust mechanics or address flaws. Now anyone in the house can become an expert trainer.

    Adaptive workouts

    The app adjusts as you improve and increases skill difficulty from playground up to pro level. Start at the Playground level and work through a choice of ball-handling, shooting, or total player workouts. Each level adds new drills and more difficult metrics to move onto the next level.

    Develop your own skills at your own pace

    Whatever skill is most important for you, 94Fifty can measure it and suggest ways to improve. The free app can count dribbles, dribble force, shot release speed, shot arc, and backspin.

    Head-to-head competition

    Automated, real-time scoring and leader boards determine the winner for up to five players. Pick from four different competitive games, then choose from up to 50 drills to see which player has the best skills. See who can get the most dribbles in 20 seconds, or earn bonus points for who can dribble fast with dribble power. Shooting competitions give bonus points for shooting with better shot arc or faster shot release speed. Current leader boards display winners and historical win-loss standings.

    See your progress

    Track daily and all-time bests. Sets goals for more than 50 drills and competitions. Let small successes every day lead to long-term achievement.

  • Highlights

    • Bluetooth connectivity range up to 90 feet (30 meters) between iOS device and ball
    • Dribble the ball a few times to activate; the ball puts itself to sleep when there's no activity
    • Shot Arc Analyzer helps you learn to shoot with a more consistently ideal arc
    • Shot Release Speed Timer lets you increase scoring opportunities by keeping you aware of game speed
    • Shot Backspin Analyzer improves accuracy by developing your wrist for better follow through and a shooter's touch
    • Dribble Power Meter teaches you how to dribble harder under pressure with either hand
    • Wireless rechargeable battery sits easily on the charging pad; blue light indicates activity
    • Rugged, weatherproof, indoor/outdoor synthetic leather skin
  • What's in the Box?

    • Infomotion 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball
    • Qi certified wireless charging pad with ball placement holder
    • Qi wireless charger power cord
    • 94fifty cinch-closure ball carrying bag
  • Tech Specs

    • Material: Synthetic
    • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
    • Height: 29.5 in./75 cm
    • Weight: 1.32 lb./600 g
    • Length: 29.5 in./75 cm

    透過94Fifty app,可以讓你更了解你的籃球技巧。此App同時可提供初級,中級和高級水平的培訓,以幫助您快速建立更好的投籃和控球技巧。就像有最好的教練和你在一起練習一般。







    無論哪一項技能, 94Fifty可以準確測量它,並建議如何改善。免費的應用程序可以計算運球,運球力道,出手釋放速度,投籃弧度和旋轉等。




    每天追蹤最好成績。設定超過50種比賽目標。一步一步到達像Michael Jordan的水準。




    Infomotion 94Fifty 智慧感應器
    Qi 無線充電電源線
    94fifty 攜帶包




    高度: 29.5 in./75厘米
    重量: 1.32 lb./600克
    長度: 29.5 in./75厘米

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