Dog Tag - Necklace - Desire

$3,100 TWD

此為預購商品,需等候 10-14 個工作天安排出貨

Stella Valle Strong

Reflecting on their years spent in the Army, Paige and Ashley designed this collection to empower women to feel strong, confident, and individual. Toughing through the physical, mental, and emotional difficulties of being a female in the Army left these sisters feeling like there wasn’t anything they couldn’t do, including becoming fashion designers.

“The military undeniably prepared us for anything and everything in life. What we didn’t realize was the military, among many other experiences in our lives, helped shape us into the women that we always wanted to be: tough but sweet and strong but feminine. As designers, we can now express who we are on the inside through our designs—and help other women do the same. We couldn’t be more honored to give women the means to express who they are and more importantly who they aspire to be. We think that is such a beautiful thing!”

Drawing from military baubles and objects that the sisters once wore, the Stella Valle Strong collection is marked with an intensity evident in the dog tag bracelets and necklaces with pave crystal laden dog tags and actual-size bullets. Other pieces showcase the details of more formal military coats and collars adorned with rope chain and buttons. The collection aims to feminize traditionally masculine paradigms representing overcoming adversity, breaking through boundaries, and achieving the seemingly impossible.


Available in gold and silver 

Special orders with engraving

Engraved with “Desire

(18” or 30” chain)


Made in USA | Swarovski Crystals | 18K Gold Plated | Rhodium Plated