Gladys - Bracelet

$7,750 TWD

此為預購商品,需等候 10-14 個工作天安排出貨

Nonnina Deco

The Nonnina Deco collection play on our heritage and was inspired by our admiration for the women of our past. Nonnina is an Italian term of endearment for a grandmother. Deco describes the style of the pieces.

Our admiration for the strong and courageous women of our grandmothers’ generation was the inspiration for this collection. Connecting with their spectrum of experiences-from living through women’s suffrage, two wars, the first trip to the moon and the invention of the internet-these women and their journey have shaped our lives.

Characterized by bold statement pieces bejeweled with luxurious crystals, the art deco pieces are named after our remarkable female ancestors that paved our way.

Available in silver


Made in USA | Swarovski Crystals | 18K Gold Plated | Rhodium Plated