Cayman Check - Earrings

$9,765 TWD

此為預購商品,需等候 10-14 個工作天安排出貨

The F World

It was a recent feeling that evoked Ashley and Paige to create the F World Collection. The feeling was one of contentment and understanding in their own new world, the fashion world. The sisters' journey to establish themselves as jewelry designers has been both trying and rewarding. It was at the moment that rewarding times outweighed those trying times that the sisters were inspired to create a collection that honed in on their adoration for fashion.

Purposefully leaving the collection's name to the imagination, the women used the letter "F" in fashion's place. The name emphasizes the edgy and cosmopolitan sense to the collection. Large shiny surfaces cut out with fashion icons, checkered collars and cuffs, and pearl laden stackable rings and bracelets exhibit both current and past fashion motifs. Fashion cities across the world are represented on some of the most notable pieces. Fittingly, each piece is named after a beautiful, exotic country or city that exudes its own fashion sense. Ashley and Paige have either traveled or seek to travel to each and every one these places one day for design inspiration.

The sisters hope that the F World Collection inspires women to persevere through those trying times to meet that feeling of contentment in their own life's journey.


Available in gold and silver

(Approximately 3” long)


Made in USA | Swarovski Crystals | 18K Gold Plated | Rhodium Plated