Bond No. 9 New York - Madison Square Park Eau de Parfum


Madison Square Park was the height of fashion in the Gilded Age. Today it's back-in hip-&-cool revival mode. So now is the time for a neighborhood eau de parfum; an arresting, super-bright mélange of romantic florals and crisp greens. The vibrant neon pink and green bottle has a removable, grass-green Deco Modern rose-blossom accent (on the 3.3 oz. size only) which can be worn as a bracelet or brooch. Wear its double rows of beads on your wrist, or detach the vintage-style rose centerpiece, to use as a brooch. Ah, perfume and jewelry. We love that combination.
Top Notes: Grape Hyacinth, Huckleberry, Prairie Dropseed Grass
Middle Notes: Red Leaf Rose, Red Hunter Tulips
Base notes: Hoptree, Teakwood and Vetiver Root 

麥迪遜廣場是時尚鍍金時代的代表。浪漫的花香與充滿活力的霓虹粉色瓶身,搭配一個可拆卸草綠色裝飾現代的玫瑰開口(3.3 盎司大小),它可以配置為手鐲或作為胸針使用。香水和珠寶,我們最愛的結合。