Air Cork Wine Preserver 充氣矽膠紅酒塞

$1,500 TWD $1,648 TWD

  • Air Cork wine preserver; includes Air Cork device, storage pouch and instructions
  • To use, lower balloon into bottle, pump and watch the balloon create an air tight seal from inside the bottle
  • Protects wine from oxidation for about 3 days; balloon will not negatively alter or affect taste of wine
  • Designed for standard size bottles only; for use in 750-ml size bottle
  • To clean, rinse with warm water and blot dry; medical grade latex balloon made in USA
  • Air Cork 充氣矽膠紅酒塞; 包含了Air Cork 設計器具,儲存袋以及說明書。 
  • 使用:將氣囊注入瓶內,開始充氣,直到氣球足以將酒和空氣隔絕。 
  • 可以防止葡萄酒氧化達到3天左右;氣球不會產生負面改變或影響酒的味道 。
  • 專為標準尺寸的瓶子使用,(750毫升大小的瓶子。 )
  • 清潔:用溫水沖洗並抹乾; 
  • 醫療級乳膠氣球 
  • 美國製造