Agraria - Bitter Orange Potpourri

$2,250 TWD

The uplifting signature scent is a complex and subtle blend that permeates the air with addictive waves of clove, the zest of bitter orange and just a touch of cypress. Comprised of the most premium botanicals gathered from around the world, each fragrance in infused with essential oils during the initial blending then left to "cure" for at least 5 months. The two-liter box is constructed with a gold foil inner box. 


Agraia 的招牌香味是一個複雜而微妙融合瀰漫空氣中的丁香,苦橙的熱情,加上淡淡的柏樹清香。聚集了由來自世界各地最優質的植物,所有的精油成分都是保密的。自然風乾的原材料,保持其最原始的型態和顏色,然后將花朵,香料,香精油完整的结合密封。在混合至少五個月後,手工打包成禮盒,兩公升的盒裝內均有金箔的襯裡。