Ava the Elephant Talking Children's Medicine Dispenser

$899 TWD

Is medicine time just another chore at your house? Tired of the tears and tantrums that come with getting your children to take their medicine?

Enter Ava The Elephant, the talking, child-friendly medicine dispenser, as featured on ABC's Shark Tank.

Cleverly disguised as a toy, Ava the Elephant, dispenses liquid medicine with ease and a smile. And she talks: "One, Two, Three... Open Wide! GOOD JOB!"

在餵您的小孩吃藥的時間是否是一件苦差事呢? 您孩子吃藥時的眼淚是否讓你覺得不忍心? 
Ava The Elephant,一個會說話,兒童友好的醫藥餵藥機。出現於ABC電視頻道的Shark Tank節目上。 
巧妙地偽裝成一個玩具,Ava The Elephant,在給藥液的同時給予寶寶輕鬆和微笑。並且還會說:“一,二,三......張嘴!做得好!”