WAKAWAKA Solar Powered Charger and Lamp
太陽能行動電源 LED 燈


※ 此商品由美國原廠寄出,約需等候 10-14 個工作天

A lightweight, extremely durable solar powered charger that will fully replenish the batteries on your phone, while still providing hours of bright, safe light. The WakaWaka Power charges most smartphones in under 2 hours. A true lifesaver for those that find themselves without electricity, in developing countries or in the West.

超輕量耐用太陽能充電器,可充分補充手機電池電量,同時還有手電筒功能。WakaWaka 電源充電器可在2小時內充飽大部分智慧型手機。如在沒有電的環境下,此產品是您真正的救星。

我們和前美國總統柯林頓所成立的全球慈善基金會合作 Clinton Global Initiative ,將全數銷售 Waka-Waka 的收入捐贈給 Ambassadors for Sustained Health

在文明世界生活的我們,手機也許是我們生活的必備品,但也許您從來沒想到這地球上有著將近億萬人口卻沒有"電"可以使用!Shark Tank 團隊前進這些缺乏物資的部落,希望藉由我們一點微薄的幫助,能夠讓這些孩童有學習及閱讀的機會!



Product    WakaWaka Power
Dimension 121 x 17 x 78 mm
Weight app. 200 grams
Light output  7 lux ambient / 30 lux taslight
LED 0.5W Seoul Semicon, 120 lumen/watt
Indicators 4 battery indicator LED’s - 1 solar charge LED - 1 USB charge indicator LED
Battery 2200 mAh LiPo
Solar cell 22% efficiency Sunpower cell
Power management    patented Intivation SNBST3 chip
Housing recycleable ABS, ruggadized, flexible positioning: table top, on a bottle, from the ceiling 
Quality UNFCCC compliant, CE (UL pending)
Manual full color, FSC paper


Solar charge time        
  • 100% full in app. 8 hrs around 50 degrees latitude (NY)
AC Power
  • 100% full in app. 5 hrs
LED burn time
  • 100% brightness = 20+ hrs
  • 50% brightness = 40+ hrs
  • 25% brightness = 80+ hrs
Extra functions
  • SOS emergency signal
  • auto energy saving mode
  • 200% torch mode, switches to 100% after 30 seconds

WakaWaka Power and external device charge at once use light and charger at the same time

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