IMM LIVING Sovereign Safari Wine Stopper
酒瓶塞 (共4款)


來自多倫多的  Imm Living ,結合了許多設計師的創意生活,是一家以生活核心為出發點的設計公司。 除了將傳統與流行文化放入設計中,並添加了些許頑皮感知功能,在每個設計專案背後,希望藉由故事人物、可愛動物或者各國指標性的物件,喚起人和物體之間的 情感,同時也縮小文化上差異。 Imm Living  創造了生活實用的商品,並賦予故事與靈魂,就像生活中的好朋友,陪伴在我們的生活周遭,在商品上也可看到設計師的名字與標記,為此更能貼近喜愛商品的客戶。  

While on safari, there is no mistaking the respect the sovereign has for the inhabitants of his land. As the king of the jungle, lion has always trusted his subjects to help keep his treasures safe. The Sovereign Safari Dishes, available in two styles, jaguar and rhinoceros, are a true sentiment to trust and respect. Having supreme rank in their land, these guys will guard your keys, coins or trinkets with pride as if it were the possessions of their sovereign leader.

Rhinoceros 犀牛

  • 尺寸:7.62 × 13.34 × 11.43cm

  • 材質:白瓷與軟木塞

Giraffe 長頸鹿

  • 尺寸:7.62 × 13.34 × 11.43cm

  • 材質:白瓷與軟木塞

Rabbit 兔子

  • 尺寸:4.06 x 4.06 x 12.07cm

  • 材質:白瓷與軟木塞

Little Helpers Series 小矮人

  • 尺寸:4.45 x 4.45 x 12.07cm

  • 材質:白瓷與軟木塞