Maison Martin Margiela - (untitled) Maison Martin Margiela Eau de Parfum


With this first fragrance, Maison Martin Margiela offers an intimate luxury. By naming it (untitled), the Maison defies all conventions to let its first fragrance speak for itself. Inspired by apothecary vials, the bottle seems dipped in paint before being sealed with white cotton strings, reflecting the Maison's craftsmanship know-how. The fragrance signature is made of exceptionally rare and noble ingredients: an unexpected contrast between incisive, dazzling green notes and a sensual dry down bursting with frankincense and white musk. A unique, harmonious and sensual trail. 

試過這“第一次”的初體驗,Maison Martin Margiela 給您屬於您個人擁有的奢侈品。“無名” 香水就代表著 Maison 蔑視一切的約定,讓其第一款香水為自己說話。瓶子看似被白色綿繩上了顏料,以襯托Maison's高貴巧妙工藝。這款香水是由非常稀有和高貴的成分萃取而成,令人眼花繚亂的綠色音符和感性的乳香,並結合白麝香的意想不到對比。一個獨特,和諧和感性的一段旅程。