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O3 FITNESS 一個全新且自然的方式去雕塑體態,不要繼續孤獨的運動了!堅信對運動的熱情會滋潤所有不愉快和煩憂,被汗水挾帶、歡笑掩埋,惱人的事....就讓運動來抒發吧!跳脫傳統健身房的模式,提供貼心器材指導服務、身體雕塑教練指導、心靈瑜珈、拳擊格鬥、有氧舞蹈、作息飲食顧問等的教師資源。



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O3 Focus – Lasting Positive Change

Many training systems target only the creation of a certain appearance. At O3, we know that it’s more effective to develop a person’s overall health and well-being. O3′s system focuses on how you feel and perform in the long run. We know if you enjoy your workouts, and are challenged by them, you will work consistently to help create lasting positive change in your person.

To this end, we use natural movements in our classes and help our students get the rest and natural food they need to continue working and getting fitter in a healthy way. Because we use natural movements, our students end up directly using the movements in class in their daily lives. That’s why we target functional movement: it’s useful in a wide range of lifestyles.

The “3″

Low Intensity Energy: People exercise this energy system when they do what is commonly called “cardio”. Try and recall the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. Think of this as “tortoise energy”. Our body uses this type of energy predominantly during extended runs, bike rides, swims, and other activities that require long stretches of slow, steady energy.

Generally, when people want to work this system, they go jogging or cycling. We incorporate sustained exercises into our classes to get the positive effects of activating this system while still paying attention to our two other energy systems.

Medium Intensity Energy: Our bodies call on this type of energy when we need to work more intensely and in shorter time spans. This system is activated in 10 – 120 second stretches of activity. Sports like football, rugby, and baseball make frequent use of this energy system. You naturally develop these energy systems by playing these types of sports.

At O3, we grow this energy system more efficiently by using sports-based movements, then leveraging those same natural movements using our equipment and classes’ team dynamic.

High Intensity Energy: This system is activated when we do high-performance movements lasting ten seconds or fewer. This is “the hare’s” energy system: quick starting, quick ending, and high velocity. Sprinters, gymnasts, tennis players call on this system to perform in their sports.

O3 classes all include a high intensity component because it is one of the best ways to create long term fat loss and create toned muscle.

~ 最專業的教練 ~

Ethan Garcia, owner and PRO trainer

~ 精心設計的課程 ~


 KickF.I.T. - 高度性的心臟鍛鍊課程,運用跆拳道的技巧,與他人在教室墊毯上分組互動,享受活動標靶式的運動遊戲優點。絕對是一項上乘的全身運動方式。


BoxF.I.T. - 幫助您的心血管循環系統及上半身的運動方式,專注在您的腰身及肩膀部位,驅使這些主肌塊來協助您的拳擊動作。

CircuitF.I.T. - 高能量的循環系統式健身運動,使用不同的訓練器材。是幫助您達到最高階的耐力度,訓練活力度,還能控制在您本身自然呼吸的強度下,一場不可多得的磨練機會。實為一種卓越的舒壓兼健身的運動方式。


SpartanF.I.T - 一場 45 分鐘的全身是運動,專為快速增進肌肉能力,心臟功能,速度,體力,消脂等而設計,延續身體機能至課程結束後達到 48 小時之久。 


SlimF.I.T - 經由這類高能量的熱身活動,來幫助您快速地瘦身並持續塑身。針對削減不必要的贅肉餘脂,並活絡您的新陳代謝,是絕對有效的運動方式。


~ 最優質的團隊及設施 ~

■ 優惠期間:2014年09月30日 至 2015年09月30日
■ 優惠時間:週一至週五,07:00~23:00 ; 週六及週日,10:00~19:00
■ 優惠地點:台北市大安區信義路三段109 號 B1; 客服(02) 2703-2324

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