Good Deal GUARANTEE 好康保證

We work really hard to bring you great Deals from the best merchants. When you see a Deal on our site, we want you to feel confident that your purchase will leave you with a smile. That's why we have our Good Deal Guarantee.

我們非常警慎地挑選每一家合作的商家,提供消費者最優質的服務和享受。讓你在我們網站所選取的好康Deals同時, 我們盡全力滿足你的需求!

local & shop vouchers / 吃喝玩樂

For local and shop Voucher Deals purchased on our site—that means three things: 凡在 Shark Tank 購買任何好康Deals, 你將享有以下優惠

  • You can get a full refund on any unredeemed, unscheduled Voucher within seven days of purchase. No questions asked.
  • 在你購買任何好康Deals的七天內,你可以隨時取消或全額退款。
  • After the first seven days, you can exchange an unredeemed, unscheduled Voucher until it expires for the paid value in Deal Bucks.
  • 在購買七天過後,雖然無法取消或全額退款,但還是可以交換相同價值的Deal, 或補差價。必須在購買好康Deal截止日期前辦理。
  • If you ever have trouble redeeming your Voucher for any reason, let us know. We'll work with you and the merchant to try to make things right.
  • 如果你有任何其餘問題,請隨時 聯絡我們。我們將儘全力給你最好的服務。

escapes / 旅遊住宿

We know travel is a big decision. That's why we have what we think is the best policy in the industry. We give you up to 30 days to return an unused, non-dated Escape Voucher for a full refund. Once you've made a reservation (including any online booking at time of purchase), you are subject to the merchant's cancellation and refund policy.


We also offer Escapes that require the purchaser to select a specific date or range of dates that he or she would like to stay. For these date-specific Escapes, the purchaser is completing their booking at the time of purchase, and may return the purchase only based on the cancellation policy which is identified at the time of booking.

如果有任何特定時間的好康旅遊行程,在選取時間日期的同時,我們已和商家同步連線,因此也必須尊重商家的退款或取消條例,並不適用30天內退款服務。以確保消費者權利,請在購買此好康行程前,隨時 聯絡我們 以再次確定。

events / 好康活動

Non-Dated Events are subject to the policy stated above for Local Deals. Each Voucher for a Dated Event is always non-refundable, and is only valid on the specific event date you choose at the time of purchase. Dated Events Vouchers are date and time specific (and consumers select the date and time at the time of purchase).



*If there's ever an exception, it will be explicitly stated in The Fine Print section of the Deal page.