La Mer - The Regenerating Serum/1 oz. 超強抗衰老三重奏

$9,300 TWD

Borne from La Mer's heritage of healing, this transformational serum dramatically diminishes the look of lines and wrinkles and infuses skin with youthfulness. A powerful anti-aging trio: a high concentrate of The Miracle Broth™, The Marine Peptide Ferment and The Regenerating Ferment™, infused with marine plant stem cells and colloidal gold, helps skin trigger this natural production of "youth proteins," collagen and elastin.
Together they work to help radically diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as pores, revealing a vibrant, smoother and firmer looking complexion. In a day, skin looks rejuvenated, glowing with youthful radiance. Over time, skin appears seemingly ageless. 1 oz.

延續 La Mer 奇妙修復效果,顯著改善細紋及皺紋,並且為您注入青春活力健康的膚質。超強抗衰老三重奏:The Miracle Broth™,The Marine Peptide Ferment 和 The Regenerating Ferment™,並注入海洋植物幹細胞和膠金質,幫助觸發肌膚擁有自然修復的“青春蛋白”,膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白。

雙重使用,能改善並從原深處減少並淡化細紋和防止皺紋的出現,緊縮毛孔,讓您擁有一張充滿活力,更光滑和更健康的膚色。當有一天,您的皮膚看起來充滿活力,搖曳著青春的光芒,再隨著時間的推移,皮膚將會永恆的完美呈現。 1盎司