WAKAWAKA Rechargeable Solar Light
太陽能蓄電環保隨身 LED 燈

$1,640 $1,799

※ 此商品由美國原廠寄出,約需等候 10-14 個工作天
WakaWaka Light

A sturdy, highly efficient, sustainable, solar-powered LED lamp. The WakaWaka Light is as much an indispensable product for those in the West, as it is the solution for the 1.5 billion people living without electricity. Twice as efficient as any other solar lamp on the market and making a significant impact in the world.


我們和前美國總統柯林頓所成立的全球慈善基金會合作 Clinton Global Initiative ,將全數銷售 Waka-Waka 的收入捐贈給 Ambassadors for Sustained Health

在文明世界生活的我們,手機也許是我們生活的必備品,但也許您從來沒想到這地球上有著將近億萬人口卻沒有"電"可以使用!Shark Tank 團隊前進這些缺乏物資的部落,希望藉由我們一點微薄的幫助,能夠讓這些孩童有學習及閱讀的機會!




Product    WakaWaka Light
Dimension 120 x 79 x 24 mm
Weight app. 200 grams
Light output  7 lux ambient / 30 lux taslight
LED 0.5W Seoul Semicon, 120 lumen/watt
Indicators solar charge indicator LED
Battery 800 mAh NiMh AAA size 3 yr life time
Solar cell 0.75W monocrystalline 10 yr life time
Power management    patented Intivation SNBST3 chip
Housing recycleable ABS, ruggadized, flexible positioning: table top, on a bottle, from the ceiling water resistant
Quality UNFCCC compliant, CE (UL pending)
Manual full color, FSC paper


Solar charge time  
  • 75% full in 6 hrs around 50 degrees latitude (NY)
LED burn time 
  • 100% brightness = 8 hrs
  • 50% brightness = 16 hrs
  • 10% brightness = 80 hrs
Extra functions
  • SOS emergency signal
  • auto energy saving mode
  • 200% torch mode, switches to 100% after 30 seconds

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