Boy Striped Shorts 短褲

$2,240 $5,600


For those looking for a change to conventional womens swimwear, Pret-a-Surf offers women's boardshorts. These shorts sport trendy black and white horizontal stripes accented by a red zipper and drawstrings.

- Color: Black/White
- Fabric: 100% Polyester
- Made in USA
- Machine Wash Cold

* Model is 5'9' wearing size 4


Pret-a-Surf founders Jillian Demling (Entertainment Editor at Vogue) and Karen Mulligan (Studio Manager for the photographer, Annie Leibovitz) met over 10 years ago working on a photo shoot. The result was the creation of their first line, Pret-a-Surf, a surf line for the woman who is active and wants to look good while playing and competing. Ready to surf and ready to wear. The Pret-a-Surf woman is one who wears a couture ball gown at night and a sensuous bikini by day.